IM Element Semantics

So far most of my articles have been on rather abstract topics. This is an attempt to come up with some more concrete information: a laundry list of concepts that fall under each information element. The main goal here is thoroughness and accuracy. Some aspects are more thoroughly developed than others. It may also be that certain elements have less vocabulary associated with them, at least in English.

Wikisocion also has a pretty decent list, though it is more focused on vocabulary and phrases than concepts.


Vocabulary: structure, order, law, rule, theory, category, correct, incorrect, right, wrong, consistent, inconsistent, contradiction, certainly, definitely, necessary, unnecessary, acceptable, according to, account for, right (n), "must accept", affiliated, assert (that), assign, how do you define ___?, system, systematically, break it down, explain, "I agree with that.", "That makes sense.", clarification, "for some reason"

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Behaviors: explaining things, analyzing things and breaking them down logically, understanding something


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Vocabulary: awesome, cool, whooooo, thrilling, poignant, building up, "welling", revitalize (with Si?), celebrate

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Behaviors: enthusiasm, motivating/energizing people, praising, effusiveness, making funny voices, teasing, mocking, dramatism, ranting


Vocabulary: abuse, admire, understanding, regret, love, like, dislike, hate, despise, despicable, shameful, heinous, heartbreaking, care, caring

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Vocabulary: look!, listen!, work (n), leader, get up, get down, get off, take, put, chomp, throw fight, get a hold of, assert (oneself), compromise, epic

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Behaviors: assertiveness, ostentation, risk-taking, adrenaline-seeking, playful violence/roughhousing, aggression and conflict


Vocabulary: crisp, soothing, soft, "soaking up", being out in nature

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Vocabulary: hesitant, reluctant, careful, it was a slow kind of..., , came to mind, growing [metaphorically], transitions from one thing to another, journey, segue, emerging, building up

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Behaviors: warning, foretelling what will happen, "inward" development and detailing of the imaginative or conceptual realm (fantasy, storytelling, mythology - with Fe), hermeticism (withdrawing from the world)


vocabulary: possibilities, potential, ideas, trend (Ni?), maybe, probably, possibly, often, usually, generally, rare, sometimes, I guess, kind of, sort of, could/can, find out, perspective, "random" (figurative), "you could say that", interesting, talent, actually..., what if, "I wonder", "so and so is the kind of guy that would ___", also, additionally, "I had this ability I didn't really know about", started to ___, epiphany, talent, turning point, "that would have been unthinkable 10 years before", breakthrough, lucky, "Everyone is different", "it depends", talent, ability, new, "have you tried ___?", at some point, sort of, I realized, "How did you come up with that?", "a whole world opened up", "that has its own merits too", "that's the idea", "things are looking good", "it turns out...", "eventually I came up with a couple of schemes I thought I'd try", "came along", "at this point", "This new work provides critical clues that begin to unravel this mystery", "it was a real game-changer"

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Behaviors: making suggestions, considering options or possibilities, talking about interesting ideas, asking questions, experimenting, trying things out, going off on tangents, talking about things in terms of simple or even childlike concepts that anyone can understand

Last updated January 24, 2020